ORAC, or the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity, measures the levels of antioxidants in foods. As the ORAC number increases, so does the strength of antioxidants. Foods highly enriched with antioxidants help in lessening disease, as well as age-defining problems that everyone faces in the every day world as we age.

By including high ORAC leveled foods, the aging process can be drastically reduced. Other positive effects include lessening memory loss, the ability to comprehend facts and figures, stronger capillaries, and stronger activity of ones brain cells. Overall, the higher the ORAC levels, the greater the benefits of the antioxidant rich filled foods.

The USDA encourages leading a healthy lifestyle the daily recommended dosage be from 3000 to 5000 ORAC units. This new revelation dispels the five fruits and vegetables per day belief. To enjoy the true benefits of the ORAC score, a diet rich in specific foods would enhance the disease fighting agents.

Most people believe the dark colored berries are the best for you. Blueberries are a prime example of healthy eating. With an ORAC score of 2400, one serving of blueberries offers a plethora of healthy antioxidants. However, if one is lucky to gather the Acai berry, their antioxidant rich lifestyle increases ten-fold. The Acai berry has an ORAC score of 5500 per serving, surpassing the blueberry with very impressive numbers. When the Acai berry is freeze dried, only 100 grams of the Acai can garner an ORAC score of 35,000. This even surpasses the berry on its own.

In order to truly enjoy a life enriched with high OAC score, the Acai berry is the greatest way to achieve the highest level of antioxidants. By freeze drying the Acai berry, the ORAC levels are the highest of any other food. This is the greatest way to achieve a natural and delicious good health.