Known as a Super Food, the Acai berry tops the list in fruits filled with rich antioxidants. There are many healthy, life extending properties to the Acai berry. Foods that hold the super food status aid in eternal youth. The anti-aging aspects aid in younger looking skin, as well as a high prevention of certain cancers, the Acai berry holds the key too many health boosting agents.

Free radicals, the toxins that are loose in the environment, torture out bodies both internally and externally. The Acai berry helps in prohibiting the free radicals from further damaging the body. One major plus is that it helps prevent two very common forms of cancer breast and prostate. Anti-oxidants protect the cells in the body, thus keeping one safe from the said cancers.

Another negative aspect of free radicals is the effect is has on aging. UV rays from the sun can cause irreparable harm to our bodies, aging us before our time. If you add the Acai berry to your daily allowance of fruit servings, you will notice a definite change in your skin, reducing the amount of fine lines and wrinkles on your face, making the skin more radiant and taut.

A healthy boost to your immune system is another great advantage to the antioxidant rich Acai berries. By boosting your immune system there is a less chance of contracting a cold or the flu. This significantly reduces occurrences of sick days from work.

By eating the Acai berry, you better your chances of maintaining a healthier lifestyle, as well as increasing your longevity. Skin care also becomes less of a cost with the anti-aging effects associated with the antioxidant rich Acai berry. With all of the positive effects associated with Acai, one must wonder why others dont use the natural stimulant.