Acai berry is full of antioxidants, which as a result is great for the heart. As well as the antioxdant power, the acai berry is also packed full of omega 3 – an essential fatty acid often found in fish oils, which is recommended for healthy hearts.

The benefits of acai have been compared to those of moderate consumption of red wine. However, the overall benefit of acai berry is far greater because there is no need for alcohol consumption, and the numerous advantages to weight loss, skin radiance and metabolism means that acai berry really justifies the much talked about term of ‘superfood’.

Those who suffer from heart disease should probably not be consuming alcohol. Our 100% acai berry supplements give you the perfect balance of a healthy heart and a healthy lifestyle.

Omega 3 has long been known for its health benefits when it comes to heart health, and the prevention of heart disease. Until now these have been publicised by the consumption of red wine and fishes oils. Our day-to-day lives make it difficult to incorporate fish on a daily basis, and as part of a healthy routine, red wine may not be your perfect solution. Acai berry can supplement your diet effortlessly, and replace the need for alcohol in order to get these health benefits.

Essential fatty acids have been proven as a fantastic way to maintain a healthy heart, and many food companies strive to include them in their list of ingredients. 100% natural and flash-frozen acai berry is the natural way to be kind to your heart, and ensure that you are doing all you can to look after yourself.

The benefits to your heart start from the beginning – a healthy blood supply is essential in keeping your heart healthy. Acai berry can not only increase the “good” cholesterol, but also maintain healthy arteries which are essential in ensuring healthy blood-flow to the heart. With such a sharp rise in heart disease over recent years, experts are partly blaming our hectic lifestyles and the effect they can have on the body. By taking our 100% acai berry capsules every day you can help control your own overall health, and make a positive move towards a healthy and strong heart.

Your heart is the most important muscle in your body. Show it you care every single day with our 100% acai berry capsules. When a stressful lifestyle leaves you and heart feeling a little worse for wear, trust in the incredible antioxidant power of acai berry to help keep you in better shape.