Acai berries are the worlds true “Super Food” It obtains its superior quality when it is freeze dried, which raises the ORAC levels, also knows as the Oxygen Radical Absorption Scavenging Capacity. With the higher levels, researchers believe the Acai berry with its high anthocyanins, proanthocyanidins, and other polyphenolic compounds, makes the berry rich in antioxidants.

The Acai berry also aids in the digestive tract by getting rid of any excessive build-up. As an added bonus, it prevents further build-up, which would lead to illness and disease. With a high fiber content and calk-full of anti-oxidants, the Acai berry is the number one natural cleanser to fight diseases. While many tout the effectiveness of red wine and dark grapes, the Acai berry has 33 times the anti-oxidants, and a high concentration of anthocyanin a powerful anti-oxidant.

The French have proven how a diet rich with high fat still fall in the low category of heart related deaths. By consuming wines made of red grapes, they have staved off long term, negative effects by partaking in greater levels of the anti-oxidant anthocyanin. Known as the French Paradox, it proves the positive, and much needed red grapes and Acai berry in ones diet. By adding the Acai berry to your diet, the benefits prolong your life in many positive aspects.