Many fruits and vegetables tout their superior health benefits, but none are more potent than the Acai berry. Packed with antioxidants, the Acai is a great source in disease prevention and showing the aging process. With the increase of pollutants in the environment, and the absence of high antioxidant rich foods in our diet, one sets themselves up for premature aging and the possibility of contracting a serious disease.

The Acai berry is a food with the highest level of antioxidants. It helps control the amount of free radicals that can destroy an otherwise healthy body. By adding the Acai berry to a diet, your body is systematically rid of pollutants that would normally destroy a healthy system.

Have a life enriched with antioxidants allow you to flourish in everyday activities. Strenuous activities, such as heavy exercising, can lead to muscle fatigue and soreness. By eating foods high in antioxidants, the time it takes the body to recover is less than if there were no added benefits. Also, by eating fruits and vegetables, one can take in more vitamins and nutrients than by taking a daily supplement.

Of all the antioxidant rich foods, the Acai berry packs in the most natural and nutritious. The more colorful the fruit the higher level of antioxidants that are present, thus raising the nutrition factor. This is why the Acai is considered to be such a power fruit.

Another positive aspect for the Acai berry is that its rich in anthocyanins, which give fruit the vibrant colors. The flavanoids produced by anthocyanins make the berries attractive to eat. Anthocyanins were also found to be active in fighting cancers, infections, bad effects on aging, as well as neurological disorders.

To ensure great health, eating berries high in antioxidants and anthocyanins help to secure a healthy life. Acai berries are the best fruit to eat to make sure you receive the proper amount to lead to a healthy lifestyle.