Buyer Beware! The best advise when checking in to purchasing any Acai berry product. With its great health benefits, many companies have resorted to scamming customers, using their nave belief that they are receiving a superior product. There are many ways you can receive the product that is safe and of high quality.

If you find a legitimate company to deal with, a very convenient way to receive the product is by mail order that is automatically shipped to your home. To confirm that the company is legitimate, they must have a legitimate address and phone number, as well as a working email. Many people have been caught in scams where a company will continue to charge for the product you wont be receiving.

Another problem is with companies shipping insignificant quality products. When a product is given a ratio of good quality to bad, it is best to check that the quality of the Acai is up to standard. The only true form to receive the Acai berry is in its freeze dried form. The ORAC levels will surpass even the blueberry as a super food. If the Acai is not processed correctly, there is a greater risk of receiving an inferior product.

When a product is billed as As Seen on TV, it doesnt necessarily mean what they are touting is legitimate. The product they reveal usually isnt the actual product they sell. Not only is the quality inferior, but a potential for being completely misled is present. Make sure, when deciding what type of Acai berry to purchase, that you are getting the right product that will benefit your health in the long run.