The Acai berry is the most nutritious fruit on the market. Unfortunately, due to the quick deterioration of the berry, it cannot be sold in its natural form. The Brazilian berrys shelf life is very short. The only means of purchasing the Acai berry is in many different pre-packaged forms. These are still a very popular and nutritious way to benefit from this rare berry.

One way to achieve the wonderful benefit of the Acai is by purchasing it in the frozen pulp form. The Acai berry, being high in the good fat, will rot within 24 hours after being picked. By freezing the pulp within that time period, all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, fiber, and antioxidants are preserved. The frozen pulp can be made in to delicious smoothies and milkshakes. Another useful form is as a liquid. Mixed with other berries, the Acai maintains its nutritional value. The liquid form is often mixed as a smoothie or milkshake as well.

The easiest way to deliver the Acai berry is to receive it in the freeze-dried powder form. Its nutritional value is actually increased because the freeze-drying process doesnt add any water. Transporting the Acai in this form is easy as there is no refrigeration needed. This form can also be shipped in a supplement or powder.

The Acai berry is the most nutritional berry you can eat. The level of antioxidants found in the berry surpasses even blueberries in nutritional value. Since the berry is indigenous to the Amazonian rainforests of Brazil, the means of obtaining the berry elsewhere is either frozen, freeze-dried, supplement, or powder. In either form, the health benefits are superior to any other fruit or vegetable.