One of the leading talk show hosts is Oprah Winfrey. When Oprah endorsed the Acai berry on her show, its no wonder people took notice. Dr. Nicolas Perricone brought the un-assuming berry to Oprahs attention as an aid in weight loss. The sale of the acai berry supplements took off.

As Dr. Perricone discussed a top ten super food, the acai berry was naturally included. Listed in his book are the reasons for the berries positive attributes to a healthier life. Although the berry does not last after being picked, usually 24 hours, once harvested the extracts and juices are then distributed in the forms of smoothies and freeze-dried.

The acai berries benefits are endless. Not only does it rid the body of toxins and cleanse the digestive system, but it can also boost your metabolism, which also benefits one in weight loss. Another great benefit of the acai berry is that its just as healthy as olive oil, red wine, and has just as much protein as eggs.

Having a powerful celebrity tout the health benefits of the berry only aids in the growing popularity. The acai berry has many more positive attributes than weight loss, it can aid in so many other preventative measures. Oprah definitely helped to boost the acai berrys delightful attributes and preventative measures.