Many studies have shown that the Acai berry is the most powerful super food in the world. With a high antioxidant level, that is only one attribute that makes the berry one of the healthiest foods available to buy. The cancer fighting attributes are impressive, with the cultures of human cancer cells being destroyed.

Not only is cancer prevention prevalent, but many other diseases are controlled, such as diabetes, heart disease, and cholesterol. The pigment in the Acai berry has more nutrients than even the blueberry, which allows for more benefits from one serving of the Acai berry. When it comes in the freeze-dried option, the ORAC levels are higher than the blueberry.

Many studies have been performed on the Acai berry, with dramatic effects being proven in each study. The antioxidant level is high and very effective in its disease prevention. The Acai berry has more healthy attributes than any other fruit or vegetable consumed. The great number of antioxidants in the Acai berry helps to secure a life that is healthier and enables one to have longevity.