Diets and healthy eating come and go, but when there is a real berry that is a true super food, its hard not to hear about the effects from Hollywoods A list. Oprah Winfrey has been known to rave about the Acai berrys effectiveness. She has dedicated time on her show for Dr. Nicholas Perricone to discuss his findings. Dr. Perricone has written books touting the nutritional powers of the Acai, including its high antioxidants, weight loss help, and as an anti-aging tool.

Another Hollywood superstar has sung the praises of the Acai berry. Brad Pitt used the super food to prepare himself physically for a movie role. He has said that the berry aided him into a great physical condition, as well as a very youthful appearance.

The Acai berry is one fruit that only garners positive results. With high antioxidants, fiber, good fat, and essential vitamins and minerals, it is not hard for people to endorse the product. Weight loss, disease prevention, and all around good health, is a strong reason to take an Acai supplement.