The Brazilian rainforest has produced much vegetation. The most impressive find was thousands of years ago when the Amazonian people started eating the berry. Finding the berry fought diseases, and kept their people from starving. One Indian Chief, so it is said, was to sacrifice the children of his tribe to ward off starvation. His own granddaughter clung to a palm tree, where the berry grew. They discovered the fruit, realizing they could harvest and eat the fruit, thus staving off death from starvation.

The berry wasnt introduced outside of Brazil until the 1990s. Unfortunately, because of rapid deterioration, the Acai berry is not edible 24 hours after picking. Many companies have taken the opportunities to produce products that utilize the super power antioxidants of the berry.

Many people around the world are taking full advantage of the Acais super food qualities. Because the Acai berry has such wonderful nutritional value, companies have mass produced the berry into powders, supplements, drinks, and freeze-dried, which increases the value ten-fold. By taking advantage of the products sold, one takes advantage of living a better life.