Taking a daily supplement is a healthy addition to diet and exercise. Unfortunately, adding an additional supplement to your diet may not give you the benefits that are advertised on the box. The Acai berry, however, is a very nutritional way to add every possible positive healthy alternative to taking a pill or vitamin.

One way to take the Acai berry is by ingesting the spray-dried Acai fruit powder. When the berry is heated the water evaporates, which then allows the fruit to be sprayed. By heating the Acai, many of the nutrients are destroyed. The additive, maltodextrin, is based from wheat, which could cause for ugly allergic reactions.

By eating the fruit extract, many dont realize that they are missing a great deal of the berry. There was a form of processing, and some of the berrys potency has been violated and left out. The best way to take the Acai berry is by freeze-drying. Once the skin and pulp have been harvested, the great parts of the berry are still involved, including antioxidants, healthy fats, and the fibers used to maintain extraordinary health. By freeze-drying, the berry is very easy to be sold in the United States and other parts of the world.

In all, the Acai berry is the greatest source of health and nutrition. Freeze-drying is the way to pack all the goodness from the berry, while not eating the berry itself. The nutrients that are contained in the freeze-drying process aids in the growth of a healthier lifestyle. Without being able to eat the berry in its natural setting, freeze-drying is the greatest way to live healthy and stay healthy.