Have you ever opened your email or looked on a website and were dominated with ads and offers regarding the Acai berry?
There are different names and faces associated with the scams that will take your money without you reaping from the products rewards. With the scams, you not only get a lesser quality product, but your credit card continues to get charged, without your approval.

The cost for the product can be upwards of double and triple the price of the legitimate product. Each month, you will be charged for another bottle because its difficult to contact the company to cancel.

They will continue to ship the product to you, even though you have tried in vain to cancel your order. There are many ways you can tell if what you ordered is a superior product. When spending the money, you want to ensure that you are getting all the nutritional value from the Amazonian super food.

First, when purchasing the Acai berry, the products made from freeze-drying will give you the most nutritional value. Next, any website that doesnt offer any contact information, as well as requesting credit card information for a trial period is a scam.

While the Acai berry is a great source of nutrition, it is not a sole tool of weight loss. Also, even though Oprah Winfrey had a doctor on her show who endorsed the product doesnt mean that Oprah does. Be wary of ads that use her likeness. As with any product, make sure you research before you purchase anything. Many legitimate Acai providers sell the products that will give you the quality food you require.