The purple berry from the Amazon has been named a super food. Not only has the berry been known to fend off heart attacks, but it also aids in the anti-aging process, curbs poor cholesterol, and helps in weight loss.

If a person is to ingest high in fat foods, lead a couch potato lifestyle with no exercise at all, the weight will only multiply. By adding an Acai berry supplement can help aid in weight loss, with moderate exercise included.

The Acai berry works ten-fold more powerful than other fruits. Unlike the other berries, the Acai contains a large amount of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

The level of antioxidants combats the free radicals that inhabit the body and produce cancer cells as well as factors relating to premature aging. By taking an Acai berry supplement, the stress related health issues that cause weight gain can be reversed.

Similar to the positive effects red wine has, the Acai berry offers even more anthocyanins that fight bad cholesterol, without any of the effects from drinking alcohol. This makes the Acai berry more effective than red grapes, which were previously touted as a super food. The pulp of the Acai berry is the most beneficial part, which is actually only 10% of the berry itself. 90% of the Acai is consisted of seeds that are indigestible. If the berry isnt cultivated within 24 hours, it will spoil.

In order to get the most nutritional value, its best if the berry is freeze-dried. This traps the essential vitamins and minerals and allows for the best possible benefits from the Acai berry.