Why Freeze-dried Organic Acai is the best choice

So to sum up, freeze-dried Acai powder is the best base to use to conserve all the goodness and nutrition in an Acai product. Choosing a product made from freeze-dried Acai is the best guarantee that you’ll reap the maximum health benefits from this amazing fruit.

Organic status and sustainability

Today, Gold Star Herbals is one of the most trusted companies, both in producing freeze-dried organic Acai and in supporting the Amazon Acai palm and the indigenous peoples who harvest the Acai berries.

They are one of only a small handfull of Acai importers to be certified Fair Trade and Organic. Gold Star Herbals makes sure that their employees in the Amazon rainforest receive a fair wage so they can live well while harvesting Acai.

“Gold Star Herbals promotes sustainable development in the Brazilian Rainforest, while improving the conditions of indigenous people through creative marketing of the açaí fruit.”

As well as producing one of the best freeze-dried Acai products, they are recognised for taking significant strides in making a positive environmental impact.
The Amazon rainforest has long been regarded as the lungs of the world, but the media continues to report the worrying trend of forest destruction in the Amazon.

By offering a genuine living wage and good conditions to local workers, have shown that a better living can be made selling fruit rather than by destroying trees.

Gold Star Herbal’s Potent Acai

Gold Star Herbal’s freeze-dried Acai powder provides higher antioxidant levels than the Acai bases of their competitors.

By maintaining the highest standards of quality throughout the harvesting and processing of a unique product, the end user is guaranteed a supreme balance of Acai nutrition and taste

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