Every fruit and vegetable has a positive effect on the body. The blueberry and red grapes have been considered to be the greatest fruits; however, the Acai berry has the best and most nutritious agents to fighting disease, weight loss, and as an age-defying wonder. The Acai berry, with all of its natural goodness, aids people in sleeping better, a clearer digestive tract, immune system boost, and takes away muscle fatigue.

Acai is the greatest fruit that is the most beneficial to eat. It has the highest level of antioxidants that any food has. Many studies have been done that target the greatest attributes to the Acais natural benefits that the berry is known for. The damage that many people have endured due to free radicals is lessened by the Acai berrys ORAC level that slows the negative and harmful effects. Consuming the berry also leads to a lesser chance of contracting many cancers, Alzheimers disease and Parkinsons.

All-in-all, the general information on the effectiveness of the Acai berry proves through the USDA that there is an only positive end result in taking the berry in any form. Leukemia, Breast and prostate cancer have known to be lessened, and with more research on the subject of the Acai berry, some day there may be a complete eradication of the disease. All at the hand of a small Brazilian berry.