The Acai berry makes up the most wonderfully delicious and nutritionally good for you juice. Voted the number one super food, the Acai berry is loaded with antioxidants, nutrients, and fiber that is helpful to one sustaining a very healthy lifestyle. Surpassing the blueberry, the Acai berry has every attribute that leads to the cleansing of ones system.

Having more sustainability and disease fighting agents than even red wine and green tea, the antioxidant levels in the Acai berry can reverse any sign of aging, and guard the body against any negative force from the environment. In order to fight against certain cancers, many take the juice to help against contracting the disease. It also aids in fighting against heart disease by fighting against high cholesterol with a great amount of fatty acids.

The deliciousness of the Acai berry only helps when taking it as a health increasing supplement. By drinking the juice, the risk of cancer and heart disease is lessened considerably. It also will help in weight loss, muscle fatigue, aging, and is a natural immune booster. With all of this goodness in one juice, many would benefit from taking just one helping of the supplement daily.