Not since the blueberry has there been a berry that is as well revered in health benefits. The acai berry, a little known berry only found in the Amazonian rainforests of Brazil, has surpassed the blueberry in its extreme health benefits. Although, once picked, the berrys shelf life is only 24 hours, it is produced in many forms that still offer all of the health benefits as the berry do naturally. No matter how the berry is consumed freeze-dried, supplement or powder it still has the same power and healing properties as the berry does on its own.

One great benefit of the acai berry is its ability to clear toxins from the body. This aids, not only in digestion, but also in lowering cholesterol. Another benefit is the pain relief associated with arthritis, and is known to help heal injuries in a timelier manner.
The benefits of the acai berry are endless. As an aid in weight loss, it flushes the body of toxins and excess water. It also is known to suppress the appetite, thus allowing for a lower caloric intake. The acai berry boosts your metabolism and, with moderate exercise, it can burn the calories much more quickly.

As the acai berry gains in popularity, the benefits have come to the forefront. Packed with natural nutrients, the acai berry proves why it is a super food.